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The ATM Reconciliation program suite is NOW AVAILABLE in three different configurations.  

The ATM Reconciliation and ATM Compare programs both automate the daily balancing of the ATM network. Once the transaction report from the Data Processing system and the ATM Network report file are downloaded to a PC's disk the program loads the transactions, run's the reconcilement program and create a report of unmatched items between the two systems.

The ACE Report Activity Analysis program is the newest separately available piece of the ATM Reconciliation program suite of tools.  The Report Activity Analysis tool loads the transactions from the Terminal or Member activity reports and offers a wide range of summary an analysis capabilities.  These can be customized for the client at a very minimal cost.  The standard reports include a summary of Terminal activity by ATM, cutoff carry over calculations, member versus non-member activity and fee totaling.  For member activity reports the program can scan for large transactions above any threshold desired as well as accounts with heavy activity.

The ATM Compare program is designed for the smaller institution having just one Network to balance with the Network driving a small number the ATM machines.  This easy to use program quickly loads transactions from the network activity report and DP system activity report, compares them and provides a list of unmatched transactions to research and resolve.  This is normally the most time consuming part of balancing the ATM activity each day.

The ATM Reconciliation program includes both of the tools above and is fully customized for each client.  In addition to the comparison report can capture GL transaction amounts for the daily balancing of the network, the institutions ATM's, etc.  The program can support multiple balancing end points, intercept processors foreign and cardholder activity, compare individual network transactions from combined reports or any other comparison or selection criteria the institution may have.  Additions to the program have been done to capture and post service charges for ATM inquiries and check cashing at Shared branches, to report large deposits and withdrawals, accounts with a lot of activity on a day, capturing of credit union and individual ATM balancing items from the network reports, totals of activity by ATM per month, etc.  There is even a Cash balancing feature for tracking the Cash in the ATM and verify the balance when it replaced over a time period from daily to weekly or longer.

Over one hundred seventy institutions have purchased our balancing tools. Making ours the largest ATM balancing solution in use in the financial industry today. Our software is sold or recommended by many of the major DP processing solutions and ATM / switch networks.

  Key Benefits

bulletCaptures Information from the reports and files you already use, NO custom interfaces or extracts required.
bulletReports transactions not found on DP system and ATM switch.
bulletSearch and review transactions in online screens.
bulletEliminates printing the ATM and DP system transaction reports.

Click on the demonstration link to download the program overview including a complete list of features, sample screens and reports.  The demonstration is a powerpoint presentation.  If you do not have powerpoint a powerpoint viewer can be downloaded from Microsoft here. 

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